Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

My actual 'todo' list, if printed at 10pt courier, would probably be about as tall as I am.

Here are the three big ones that I Should Be Doing Right Now:

* con registration system.
I've got a clue about paypal integration now, I just need to put the forms together, get the account info, and test it. After that, there's syncing with the webmaster and making it look like the rest of the site, writing the administrative interface, syncing with the registration head and making sure it does what's needed, figuring out whether it needs a 'real' SSL cert and getting one...

* taskomat.
boy, tracking all the stuff I should be doing would be a lot easier if my todo list manager was operational. Got display working, just need editing and creation now. Probably about 4-6 hours of work to get it back to where it was before I rewrote it, only MUCH FASTER.

* cleaning up my photo collection, wiping it all from flickr, and reuploading it.
still need to integrate all the photos that were on my website and other places, make sure comments and tags are all right, make sure I know whether everything's mine or not, etc. And then do the wipe-and-update. And iPhoto is such a pain in the ass to script.

What I'm working on:
Having given up on time machine, I'm backing up my desktop using rsync. Upon telling it to sync to the backup drive on one of my linux servers, I discovered that that drive was still vfat, not ext3, and so was having trouble coping with filenames and such from the mac. I'm moving all the backups off of it to the host server's internal drive, then I'll reformat the drive and move everything back. To speed this up, I've deleted all but the latest of each backup, but it's still many gigs of data to move across usb, so it's taking a while.

... And while writing this, I realized WHY I'd left that drive as vfat, and so I'm aborting the whole process and will just rsync to a local hfs+ spare. Whee.
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