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Quotes of the Day - Harry S Truman - "Whenever you have an efficient government you have a dictatorship."
Lifehacker - Copy a Single File to Avoid Re-Activating Windows XP [Tutorial] - The Online Tech Tips site offers up a great tip for anyone reinstalling XP off something other than their original CD--such as a slipstreamed and automated installation--or lacking a net connection to run the activation. Before wiping your system cle[...] John Young's Blog - Announcing "National 'Is This Your Card?' Day" - Shared by Marty I am, of course, ruining everything by sharing this with people. But I have to find a balance between sharing the amusement and the possibility it would ever be implemented. One of the bread-and-butter moves of any magician is call[...]
Coolbuzz - Shooter - The awesomely styled fire extinguishing weapon! - Caputmortum: This flaring fire gun unlike the ‘real’ weapon is an ultra-cool fire extinguisher concept called the Shooter. An amalgam of various designers like Eunjung Kim, Yangwoo Kim and Junyi Heo, this one's aimed at simpli[...]
Interior Design, Home & House Design, Furniture - Felt Wool Stone Cushions - Shared by Marty I'd love to have a whole bunch of these, but the price is too steep for that. Anybody wanna make some for me? Bring the outdoors inside with these "stone" cushions. They are not really boulders but soft felt wool cushions. The text[...]
Interior Design, Home & House Design, Furniture - The Sink with no Drainpipe from Axolute is just an Illusion - Shared by Marty very cool. This sink from Axolute will totally revolutionize your bathroom design. The Axolute sink takes minimalism to such extremes that it completely does away with the drainpipe. The stunning polished stainless sink features th[...]
The Red Ferret Journal - gadgets, cool sites, freeware and tech trivia - ClickFree Backup - the no-install data backup system for dummies - The new ClickFree Backup system is a single DVD that you insert into your computer and it automatically backs up your data to the DVD without you needing to install anything or even press a go button. Crazy, huh? But how's it going to know which file[...]
The Red Ferret Journal - gadgets, cool sites, freeware and tech trivia - PLX Kiwi - engine and driving monitor helps improve your mpg by up to 33%, or your carbon back… - The PLX Kiwi is an engine and driving monitor device which helps you save fuel by displaying your fuel consumption live as you drive. It also displays a scorecard which lets you know if you're driving properly and responsibly (i.e. in Drive Green Mod[...]
Slashdot - The Gamer's Bill of Rights - Edge Magazine is running a piece by Brad Wardell, CEO of game developer Stardock, in which he presents a "Gamer's Bill of Rights." Stardock teamed up with Gas Powered Games to develop a list of ideals they think all game publishers should follow. Som[...]
Hack a Day - 1100 barrel paintball gun - Filed under: misc hacks, news [Adam] and [Jamie] from Mythbusters built a paintball gun with 1100 barrels as some graphics card marketing gimmick. It's a formidable beast, but we're sure it takes forever to prep. [via Laughing Squid]Read | Permalin[...]

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