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Twitter posts from 28 August to 29 August

From my Twitter stream:
thu 10:22pmSM prefs say to share all of itunes music and playlists. no playlists in client. and still missing lots of artists. sigh.
thu 10:23pmBut, hey, this is why I have a 160gb ipod.. so I can carry all the music I care about (plus way too much tv)
thu 10:27pmOh /nice/ advert on the youtube page for the obama acceptance.
thu 10:32pmReal nice:
fri 08:17amcalled dr's office, left very very long voicemail. asked for doxepin. I hate that stuff, but it worked. hands are swollen and itchy today.
fri 08:31amoh hell. dr's reg asst isn't in, got callback from someone filling in. this bodes poorly.
fri 08:53amdoc wants me to take 150mg twice a day. I took 300 last night and 575 this morning. Grr.
fri 08:54amcommunicating thru intermediary is inefficient and frustrating.
fri 10:15amSimplifyPeer is running 98%cpu. meh.
fri 10:31amI have to wonder if GTA's wanted-stars system was in any way influenced by Blues Brothers.
fri 01:52pmI miss my real President. *sniffle* (watching Gore's DNC speech)
fri 04:32pmI don't believe my dr's office is going to call me again today. Thus I get to suffer the weekend with no effective antihistamines. Hate.
fri 04:37pm@pinguerin: not fond of sitting around for 6 hours to get unhelpful advice from people who don't know me.
fri 06:28pmlearning how to integrate with paypal, since that's the next step with the registration system.
fri 06:45pmL brings me Zatz plain Challah from the Snooty Cracker Store. She gets to live.
fri 07:00pmand I immediately eat 4/5 of the load. NOM!
fri 07:00pmer, loaf.

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