Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 28 August

From my Twitter stream:
thu 09:52amnot sure why I'm not ready to catch the 10:05 bus. but I'm not.
thu 02:53pmoh ho. NOW simplifymedia works. just not so happy over Edge. ah well.
thu 02:54pmhm. no playlists. and lots of artists missing.
thu 03:07pmAmazon should put out an mp3-buying app for the iphone. can't seem to shop them thru the mobile web interface.
thu 03:09pm@firesign3000: I was initially testing it on the local wifi at home. but then disconnected and tried to stream over edge with no joy
thu 03:36pm@firesign3000: well, that's not so much the issue. I've streamed audio, and even video, over edge just fine. my slingbox worked just fine.
thu 03:36pm@firesign3000: also, I have no faith they ever will. ::)
thu 04:02pmWhy don't any of the iphone barcode scanners support good old-fashioned 1D codes?
thu 08:03pmjust installed Ubiquity. Neat.
thu 08:38pmI have a hive - a single hive - on my inside right wrist. This bodes unwell.
thu 08:59pmand mild hand swelling again. allergic to dinner?
thu 09:15pmI installed qik on my phone the other day. Just showed it to L. no idea what to do with it. maybe something interesting will happen on bus.
thu 09:21pm@scottru: I hadn't, but now shall

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