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Amazon Kindle's Blog - Special Offer From Chase--Tell Your Friends - Thanks to a pretty sweet deal from Chase, customers can get $100 off Kindle for a limited time when they sign up (and are approved for) the new Amazon Rewards Visa card. The setup is quick and easy: customers can sign up for the new Re[...]
FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments - Stripmall Fail - Submitted by Brent R
Amazon Kindle Guide, Free Books & Resources - Why aren't textbooks free? AKA How the Kindle could potentially put textbook publishers out of business. - The benefit of researching for this blog is that I run across some really good ideas and articles that in turn germinate some really intriguing ideas in my head. After reading through half of this article on Professors, publishers and some company ca[...]
Hack a Day - Parents beware of "digital drugs" - Filed under: news In what some might call a sensationalist article, USA Today reporter [Kim Komando] warns parents of a new danger to their kids: digital drugs. Throughout the article, [Kim] tries to explain how binaural beats (idosers) can effect t[...]
Coding Horror - Coding Without Comments - If peppering your code with lots of comments is good, then having zillions of comments in your code must be great, right? Not quite. Excess is one way good comments go bad: '************************************************* ' Name: CopyString [...]

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