Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 15 August

From my Twitter stream:
10:16am@spinnerin: it's never too early for fruit juice! it's just.. you know.. too /late/ for fruit juice.
10:20amHow many awesome spam subjects am I missing out on because I can't read japanese or russian?
11:53amSCL's already having power problems with A/C. Some buildings (I know of 1 so far) are having to turn off HVAC systems.
12:33pmI think I may be developing a sinus infection. or have developed.
12:33pm@jfew: L's building has had to do so.
12:34pm@jfew: I suppose it's possible it's just that one substation. But it doesn't bode well.
12:40pm@nastrus: where're you guys eating?
01:48pmI'm told the downtown substation is at capacity. L's company's being sent home (except the NOC, who, I guess, have to suffer w/o hvac)
03:03pmAttempt to turn Feige on, after it's been sitting for a couple months, resulted in loud popping noises, and the scent of magic smoke. owell.
03:38pmExtracted Feige's dvd uberburner, hard drive, and video card. Left the ram, proc, and parallel card as, frankly, 'scrap'.
03:38pmMakes me sad. That was a near topline processor when I built the system.
04:42pmThey're bumping HP6 until NEXT YEAR?
05:35pmI have /got/ to get around to that name change.
07:55pmCountdown tells me that Julia Child was a spy. Huh.

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