Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

We put the air conditioners in on wednesday night.
A rollaround in the dining room and another in the living room, plus a small window unit in the bedroom.

We found out that all of the outlets in the living room, and all of the outlets in the bedroom, are on the same circuit. And that the two air conditioners plus the tv equals popped breaker. It /appears/ however that subtracting the TV lets both A/Cs run, so that takes care of nighttime, and when the TV's in use, the bedroom A/C can be off.
Every little thing that happens with this house's electrical system makes me more and more convinced that when I eventually build a house, it /will/ have at LEAST one dedicated circuit for EVERY ROOM, lights separate. And that includes closets and bathrooms, damnit! (yes, I'm actually thinking that it would be convenient to have an outlet inside the hall closet.)

Meanwhile, my office is currently at 88.5°. It feels like C, not F.
Yesterday I put up the 'curtains' I bought in portland. Just some cloth with celtic-ish symbols in black with purple tie-dye. Similar to one I already had, but different pattern. I need to get one or two more, as I still have windows uncovered.
I think we need to put reflectix in the windows again, and/or buy an in-window A/C for up here. We've got one that kinda-sorta works in loree's office, but it's REALLY HEAVY and lacks proper brackets to prevent it from falling /thru/ the window during installation, so I'm always afraid it's going to make a 1.5 story drop to the yard. Also it doesn't do much good for the bunker, where a lot more heat is being generated.
I need to find something that can churn a lot of BTUs but fits into 23x11. I think perhaps I may suffer costco tomorrow.

In other news, my iPod is NOT broken, but USB is. So, Algol, the mac mini, lives in the NE corner of the living room. The Tower O' Crap, the shelving unit on which we stash our keys and other leaving-the-house carriables including iPods and phones, is in the SW corner. USB cable length limits prevent a single line connection from point A to point B. So, a cable runs from algol across the fireplace to a hub. From that hub around the corner to another hub. From that hub to the powered hub that sits on top of the Tower and into which the ipods are plugged.
Well, that /first/ hub out of Algol WAS plugged in, but the second wasn't. I realized that, hey, it isn't supplying much power to anything, so it doesn't really NEED to be plugged in. So I unplugged it. And then Meson III wouldn't sync. The iPhones were fine. My gen2 iPod was fine. But Meson3, the iPod Classic, would show up in itunes, itunes would say it can't read the device, and insist I need to restore. But then would fail during the restore. The iPod, for its part, didn't notice any of this, and happily retained all data and settings.
I realized today that these problems started the same day I unplugged that hub. I plugged it back in. All is now well.
Apparently the power passed thru hub1 to hub2 isn't enough to properly power hub2, so hub1 needs to be powered so it can power hub2. hub3 is powered on its own and so was happy. Dunno why the Classic is the only one that cared, but there you have it.

I need to remember to call the dentist's office on monday so I can take him his ipod.

Remember how I've been talking about writing an integrated con-management system for.. oh... 10 years now? The first step is currently under development. Maybe I should spend some time this weekend shopping for some server rails and then imaging some of those spare 1Us, while I flesh out the data model a bit.
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