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Cell phones, the continuing - but soon to quiet down - saga

So, I ordered from amazon. A T610 and Get More 600 + M2M. Total rebates of $230, so it costs negative. Nice.
Also, a Jabra bluetooth headset 'cause there was a $50 discount. So, I'm buying a phone that will cost me a negative amount of money, and a headset that costs me $30. Ok.

And, when the Nokia 9500 comes out, I will buy that, and give loree the 610, if she still wants it. And I will be happy, with my little brick of internety goodness.

I went ahead and paid for 1day shipping, 'cause it was like, $13 more than standard. Pff. So, tuesday or wednesday I should have a phone. Then I call Sprint and give them a list of appendages on which to suck.

So, yeah. I'll likely stop posting about cell phones for a little while. Then the phone will arrive. Then I'll post again. Then I'll stop again. Then time will pass and the Nokia 9500 will come out, and I'll start posting about cell phones again and you'll all hate me. But THEN, I'll GET ONE and start posting ABOUT the nokia FROM the nokia and you can REALLY hate me.

But that's ok.
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