Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Found enough ipod cables to connect everything. This is every ipod device in the house EXCEPT the ancient Gen-1, which I had installed linux on, and can't get to connect to itunes well enough to even run a restore. I think we can call that one dead.

In order, we have Meson, my first ipod, a 40gb gen3(?), which I stopped using because the hard drive was having problems, but which I've currently got all of our audio books synced to, in case we should want it. Next is Meson II, a 60gb gen5, which has just been replaced and is going to my dentist (his was stolen, and the music in his office hasn't been as good since). Then Meson III, a 160gb iPod Classic. Then Monkeyphone (loree's 4gb iphone gen1 courtesy of josienutter), MonkeyPod (loree's 60gb gen5), and MT&T iPhone, which is my 8gb iPhone gen1. Other iPods that have known this house are the afore-mentioned LPod, the gen1 sent to me by maribou, and PopPod, a gift from PopCap on the occasion of the launch of our games on ipods, which was a 30gb gen5 I gave to beaq since I didn't need it.
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