Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Among my plans for this weekend is running cables thru the basement.

See, after living here for the better part of a decade, I /finally/ realized that I've got this /basement/ thing, with the floor of the first floor exposed RIGHT ABOVE IT, and nothing (well, not much) to get in the way of cables that I want to get from point A to point B.

So, frex, those cables that run from the entertainment center in the living room, around the perimeter of the living room, library, and part of the dining room to connect to the network switch and speakers in the dining room and kitchen? the network cable could go straight to the main switch in the basement, and the speaker cables could do a straight-shot across thru the basement and come back up thru the floor. No more cable-stays coming unstuck from the wall, no more having to redo them every time I add a new cable.
The video cables going upstairs, to provide television to the second floor? Why not run them down from the living room, across to the hall closet - where the upstairs heating vent goes up - and feed them up thru the closet, into the closet in the northern upstairs bedroom, and then out from there? Same with the upstairs internet connection.

So, I'm going to be looking at running some cables and punching holes in floors this weekend, I think. Probably including running a new cable for the T1 line, too, so I can minimize the downtime to the time it takes to physically carry the router downstairs and plug it back in.

The tricky part will be that the runs into/outof the living room will be going thru the crawlspace under the house. The basement doesn't extend that far north, sadly. So, we'll have to figure out how to avoid destroying what insulation there is there, and also how to avoid me having to crawl in there.

I think I'm also going to break down and buy a new airport extreme, one of the new N units. And if it can't provide enough coverage to the outer parts of the house - the G network doesn't give good coverage in the master bedroom - then I'll either set up WDS and use one of the Expresses as a remote, or run an ethernet cable to the bedroom and wire one in.

In tangentially related news, I'm looking more and more seriously at moving all hosted devices over to the big pile of 1U servers I've now got. I think I could get everything into the half-rack I've got, possibly excluding UPS.

If anybody has some slide rails for 1U servers laying around you don't need, let me know. I could use quite a few. I'd prefer a set for each server, but can probably live with one or two pairs for now, and stack the rest, with some spacers for airflow.
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