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Twitter posts from 07 August

From my Twitter stream:
09:02amWhy, exactly, am I willing to pay $25 for 5 drive trays when I need 2 for a server I don't even need to get running?
09:02amwell, ok, because it's the only sunfire server I have, and I'd /like/ to get it running. But still! $5/tray! I only need 2! Geez.
09:07amAll unwatched movies and tv and podcasts, plus all the playlists I care about, and my new ipod still has just under 6gb free. AWESOME.
10:48amI never used to bitch about "fucking tourists!" so much. I think I'm getting old.
10:56amAnother bad night's sleep. My eyes want to be taken out and replaced. But, I'm at work. I had a rice crispy bar as a reward.
10:56am60% of the floor is empty and dark. It feels abandoned, dark. I like it.
10:57am@JosieNutter: have fun.
11:05amJust bought 5 drive trays at $4.10 each. I can live with that, but still, geez.
11:17amAnybody know of a Kill-A-Watt equivalent that can deal with 240V 30A? I'd rather not build one, ya know?
12:38pmok, NOW I'm getting amazon ship notifications AFTER the item arrives!
01:34pm@dianthus: ... you made me hungry.
02:48pmdoes load for anybody else? in FF and safari it just hangs. and hangs. and hangs.
02:55pmwireless data plans have gotten more expensive. maybe a stompbox isn't the right solution anymore. fucking wireless companies.
02:57pmok, so, at&t and sprint appear to no longer offer an unlimited-bandwidth wireless data-only plan?
02:57pmnor verizon. fuck.
03:23pm@firesign3000: yeah. it wasn't like this 6 months ago. t-mo still offers unlimited data, but they're only EDGE.
03:28pm@firesign3000: I was all planning to switch away from tmo for data and go to a wireless broadband plan & a stompbox. guess that plan's dead

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