Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I love it when technology works:
Placing an order with Amazon via my phone while waiting for the bus = awesome. I did NOT opt to enable one-click from my phone, despite their urging. It's dangerous enough having it turned on on my laptop.

Yesterday, after the headache became all-over-ick and stomachache, and I was switching occasionally between the living room and laying in bed, I was listening to an audiobook. In the livingroom, I'd play it thru algol and the stereo. In the bedroom I'd play it on the ipod on the ipod speaker dock I've got on the headboard. This meant a delay moving between them as I resynced the ipod. While on the bus, I realized that the speaker dock has an aux audio in port. When I got home, I took one of the Airport Express modules and plugged it in there and connected them up. Now things playing on Algol can also play in the bedroom. So I'm now set to feed audio from Algol to the living room (stereo), the dining room and kitchen (zone2 out of the stereo), and the bedroom (airport express to speakers). The second Express module will probably end up upstairs. The temptation to put it in the bathroom is tempered by the lack of convenient outlets. Or, I could put it in the hot tub gazebo, if I rearrange things so I can secure it a bit, and buy some all-weather speakers.

I hate it when society doesn't work:
Bus home. Game letting out. Takes half an hour to go two blocks. Asshole passes bus by driving on sidewalk. Other asshole exits bus via emergency window exit. /THREE/ cops are completely ineffectual at keeping traffic moving. Just past the stadium, the entirety of the High Point Day Camp gets on. A handful of adults or high-teens, and a couple dozen (at least) human pupae. The bus was subsequently COMPLETELY PACKED. Of course, we still have to stop and let more people on. Kids are squealing every time the bus accelerates suddenly. Eventually even the driver had to ask them to be quiet. They got off one stop before I did. Nice lady sitting next to me wasn't so lucky and had to get off before them. Lady she was replaced by got off at the same stop as me; I /thought/ I recognized her.

It occurs to me that I should note that the society-not-working part is the assholes and the poor traffic control. The kids were both amusing and annoying, so largely neutral.
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