Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Cell Phones continued

So, I'm convinced that tmobile will suck the least for what I want.
I played with a T610 and while it's cute, and it IS tiny.. I don't think it'll give me the functionality I want. So, I'm lowering the priority of 'tiny tiny tiny' and raising the priority of 'real interenet'. Honestly, I want to be able to read LJ and stream my mp3 collection on my phone, that's where I'm setting the bar for 'perfect'. Shopping for phones, the S/E P900 and the Nokia 9500 look like they're my best bets. Neither is available yet. The 9500 is scheduled for Q4, I couldn't find a date on the P900.

Buying from amazon, I can get the Basic Plus 300 Nationwide plan and a T610 for $155 minux $130 in rebates. $30/m, which is more or less what I'm paying now, plus a new phone for $25, and then I should be able to get one of the other phones when they're available.

Tags: communication
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