Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 04 August

From my Twitter stream:
08:33amCleaning out my follow list, dropping some people who aren't following me back and I don't really care about anymore.
10:49amHeard back from WP. Unsurprising result.
11:55amI've been using procmail for 355 weeks. In that time, 76% of my mail has been marked as Spam, 13% went to my inbox.
11:56amSince I started using greylisting, only 51% of message that make it to procmail are marked spam.
01:53pmBeing tempted by ShareBuilder.
02:22pmGods save me from tourists!
05:03pmFigures. I finish unlocking L's new iphone, and THEN itunes detects a new version of the firmware to download.
05:13pmWe are hopeless nerds. I hand L her new iphone, and the second thing she does is start up the lightsaber app and we have a fight.
05:39pm@firesign3000: I have to. We won't use AT&T.
05:39pm@Jamgrrl: heh. It's stupid and silly and terribly amusing. There are even stupider apps that they want /money/ for, can you believe it?
06:44pm@oracular: Put another way... The Code Must Flow.

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