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Shared Posts from 18 July to 22 July

Items shared from Google Reader:
Seattlest - Sorry, That Rain Belongs to the State - "The Rhythm of the Falling Rain by Grundlepuck This story reminds us of a line from The Beatles' "Taxman". The fact that it's illegal to collect too much rain that falls on your property because of state water laws seems just as ridiculous as the [...]
Coding Horror - Dealing With Bad Apples - Robert Miesen sent in this story of a project pathology: I was part of a team writing an web-based job application and screening system (a job kiosk the customer called it) and my team and our customer signed on to implementing this job kiosk us[...]
Coolbuzz - For the love of a table: Paint or Die but Love Me - Asmita: Created by the French designer John Nouanesing, "Paint Or Die But Love Me" is a very quirky art table that draws upon the magnificence of dripping fresh paint and uses its silhouette to capture the essence of fluidity. With legs and edge[...]

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