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The Red Ferret Journal - gadgets, cool sites, freeware and tech trivia - Soft House - harvesting power from your curtains - The Soft House project harvests electrical energy from a set of curtains by using 18organic photovoltaic nanotechnology' material to convert sunlight into power. The idea is that the curtains convert the sun's rays all day, then switch to insulating a[...]
MAKE Magazine - HOW TO - Universalize a MacBook Air SuperDrive - tnkgrl writes: So like me, you have a MacBook Air SuperDrive... It's affordable, it's functional, it's sexy. If only it was usable with other Macs and PCs! Well rejoice :) I have successfully hacked my MBA SuperDrive to work with other Macs[...]
MAKE Magazine - Bridge: By Michael Cross - Shared by Marty Clever idea, but it looks clunky. I'd've had the steps rise straight up on hydraulics. At minimum, the movement needs to be faster and smoother. Balancing mid-step while waiting for the next one would suck. More about Brid[...]
Interior Design, Home & House Design, Furniture - Brandt Aion, the Kitchen of the Future - When thinking how the future will be, I don't include kitchen designs or kitchen utensils in the big picture, but now that I see the Brandt Aion, I think I should have. A result of Antoine Lebrun's work, the multi functional kitchen designed for Fago[...]
Hack a Day - ATmega88 webserver - Filed under: misc hacks If you are an Atmel fan, you may enjoy this webserver built around the ATmega88. Since it has full TCP and HTTP support, communication can be done using a standard web browser on any system. We also noticed that the code us[...]
Macenstein - If you have an iPhone, you need "More Cowbell!" - Obviously PhoneSaber is the number one reason most people will be buying an iPhone this summer, but coming in a close second is the newly released More Cowbell! by Glenda Adams. This brilliant app is a wonderful tribute to the infamous Christopher Wa[...] - [MeFi# via taint] - Sweet Pixar/Wall-E anecdote bookmark this on - posted by robotwisdom to movies gossip sweet - more about this bookmark...
Bad Astronomy - HOLY FRAK! Moon transits Earth! - Regular readers know I am deeply impressed with astronomical imagery, and I tend to be a little over-the-top on occasion when describing it. However, having said that, let me be very clear: the following is just about the coolest thing I have ever [...]
Seattlest - Do People Frequently Die from Punches? - It's an honest question. Last week when we read and reported the story of James Paroline who was killed by a single punch, we were slightly stunned that the effects of a punch could kill a man. So much so that we assumed it was likely a very rare occ[...]
Interior Design, Home & House Design, Furniture - How To Demolish A Skyscraper One Floor At A Time - What you are going to see in this post, is one of those rare things in life that leaves you truly speechless, and one more reason to say that technology in these days has no limits. When it comes to tearing down buildings, I'm pretty sure that you th[...]

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