Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 17 July to 18 July

From my Twitter stream:
02:08pmARGH! My mp3 of Twilight Zone cuts out at 5:59, comes back at 6:12 for a second, and then starts skipping!
02:17pm@joeytrimmer: damned good question!
02:19pmBugger. The only copy on amazon mp3 downloads is a live version. I'll have to find the CD and rerip it.
09:41am@spinnerin: Seattle.
09:42amcranking the re-ripped Twilight Zone on the living room stereo while getting ready for work.
08:03pmI'm supposed to be identifying with Dr Horrible, right? Captain Hammer's a git, right?
09:27pmAwesome. iTunes doesn't see the need to download the new Dr.H episode yet. Fucking iTunes.
09:52pm@drhorrible and @feliciaday: Excellent. I always like it when the bad guy.. uh.. wins. I .. guess. If we're calling that winning.
10:05pmJoss Whedon, you are a bad man, and I love you for it.
10:14pmMartian says to vixy, "perhaps it's that I identify too well with the character."
10:14pmsure, you've lost everything that could have given your life meaning, but you've achieved every ambition.
10:15pmYes, life is horrible, but that is what it is to be Doctor Horrible.
10:31pm@drhorrible: I must know where you bought or got the pattern for the smocks. The red's particularly nice.
11:30pmiTunes check-for-purchases /still/ doesn't see the new DrH

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