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Must... Restrain... Fist of Death...

My GOD I was so pissed. Enraged, was the term I used shortly thereafter. I'm a little calmer now, but still pretty irritable.

We had a scheduling meeting this morning. My new boss, who has been our boss for 1.5 weeks now, wanted to review the Q1 schedule and see what we should do and when it will be done.

So, various issues were discussed and we started listing the tasks on the whiteboard.
And we get to multilist. Multilist is something we've been wanting to do for a long LONG time. It's a bit of a poweruser feature, but I think many people will find a use for it. So, it was on the Q1 schedule. We have no design - we have some design IDEAS, but nothing solid - and we have no usertest and we have, frankly, no idea what we want to do. Just that we want to do it. It got on the Q1 schedule because the director - our boss at the time - insisted on it, and was willing to launch a crappy high-friction system to do it and I just didn't have the energy to argue with him. So, I go into what we need.. we need to sit down with design and brainstorm possible implementations, an engineer needs to sit with design to come up with mockups based on that brainstorming to give concrete examples, we need to usertest the hell out of it before we write any real code. Ok. So, LOTS of design time, and about 2 weeks of my time to engineer the mockups for usertest. Then, a very VERY *VERY* rough guess of 3 weeks of my time to actually implement. Of course, that's a completely baseless estimate, since we don't know WHAT we're doing. So, when could we launch it? mid Q2? uhhhh. NO. He wants to promise it in Q2. I said I wouldn't /promise/ it before Q3. But he's quite insistent. I actually blew up a bit. I said no, loudly, I /think/ I may have said it was stupid to base it on a schedule. He's suggesting triaging features.. We don't HAVE any features to TRIAGE yet! He's worried that if he schedules it for Q3 we'll get feature creep. Fine, sure, but his /first/ argument for Q2 was that he wants to launch a cool new feature every quarter. WHAT? Sure, that's a great idea, but OH MY FUCKING GOD it's happening again. We're going RIGHT BACK to schedule-driven projects. Don't worry about doing it RIGHT, just do it ON TIME. Somebody wants out by , so redefine so you can get it out by then.

Somewhere along the line, I must have decided that it's time to reign in my managers a little better, but so far it is not going well.

So, any other groups at amazon looking for an extremely proficient WDE3 who can pinch hit for the SDEs and has a deep understanding of nearly everything from the database up?

Alternately, anybody outside looking for a damned good developer that you can pay $70k or so?
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