Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 10 July

From my Twitter stream:
10:59amI wonder when I'll get around to upgrading MT&T to iphone 2.0. How much of the crap I've got on there do I want to keep?
11:03am@scottru: shouldn't you be working instead of playing with your iphone? Tsk. ;;)
11:04am@spinnerin: You probably don't want to do that yet. I'm not done redoing all my photos locally and haven't done the wipe-and-upload yet. ::/
11:12am@spinnerin: I'm.. what's the word? lazy. also took me forever to break down and buy the newer iphoto. plus I have lots to filter. sigh. ::(
11:14am@spinnerin: But I've been making progress! honest! I only have the 'parties' directory to finish importing. Then deduplicating everything.
11:15am@Jamgrrl: part of the problem is that a lot of hybrid work goes into improving performance instead of reducing fuel use. Lexus hybrids frex.
11:29amHeading out to 'lunch'.
01:37pm@Jamgrrl: sorta.
01:37pmBack from 'lunch'. It was 'tasty'.
01:56pm@Jamgrrl: a'ight. martian at, what'cha got?
02:15pm@nastrus: Watson, come here, I need you.
04:28pm@tommusic: magnetic iphone haiku
04:43pm@tommusic yeah. Shake to get new words!
07:11pm@jfew: sorry to disappoint, but it wasn't sex. it was business.
07:16pmExterminieren! Exterminieren!

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