Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I also got called by a recruiter at a company I've talked to before, while I was on the bus home today. She asked for an updated resume. Which reminds me that I need to update my resume. I should finish the port of my resume compiler from moocode to perl, then update it and add the new sections.

Meanwhile, for any recruiters who might come across this (ha ha ha!), here are some do's and dont's for pinging Marty:

* Office. As in, private office. With a door and everything. The environment had better be pretty damned amazing if this isn't on the list. Or, you know, telecommuting. Programmers, at least programmers like me, just work better in offices. The difference for me is on the order of 20-25%.
* Don't talk to me unless you have a number in mind. Expect it to be six digits. If it isn't, expect bonuses and/or equity to bring it there.
* Don't talk to me about ASP, .NET, C#, or anything hosted on windows. Don't talk to me about anything that's primarily java. Or, really, even primarily C/C++.
* Don't ask for my resume in word format. If you can't read HTML, or at minimum you don't know that you can load text and html files in word, then I do not believe you are qualified to represent me OR anybody I'd want to work for.
* Don't talk to me about anything that isn't on this side of the water. And for the love of gods, don't talk to me about anything in /other states/. I own a /house/ for christ's sake. Do you think I'd even CONSIDER selling my house in this market if you aren't PROVIDING ME WITH A NEW ONE?

What am I missing?
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