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Shared Posts from 12 June to 18 June

Items shared from Google Reader:
Bad Astronomy Blog - Louisiana needs our help! NOW! - I just received an urgent email from Barbara Forrest on behalf of the Louisiana Coalition for Science: the education bill that will allow creationism to be taught in public schools has now passed both the House and the Senate in the state government.[...]
Lessig Blog - The Kozinski mess - So the wires are a twitter with the story of Chief Judge Alex Kozinski's "web site" which, from reading the stories, you'd think was filled with porn (and worse), revealing a dark soul who, some experts in legal ethics suggest, shouldn't be presiding[...]
Lessig Blog - On privacy in the cyberage (II) - I've gotten lots of email and comments about my criticism of privacy-revealing behavior related to Chief Judge Kozinski. After reading that criticism, I am more convinced. Privacy is not determined by technology: The core point that's importa[...]
brianstorms weblog - AP Words - This entire blog post consists of words cut from AP news stories and pasted into this post. Literally. Each word in this sentence was lifted directly from an Associated Press published article. "I'm not the only one who's a little...

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