Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 12 June

From my Twitter stream:
10:01amYay sitting at home eating chicken nuggets and designing APIs.
01:24pmSuggestion: If the podcast episode if 53 seconds long, 30s should NOT BE ADVERTISING.
01:25pmOh, yes, that's better. 5 seconds of title screen, 20s of content, 30s of advertising. Thank you, I am unsubbing the dilbert shorts.
04:25pmI just booted one of my old powermacs for the first time in several years, only to find the startup disk won't start up.
04:33pmoh, no. the hard drive isn't being recognized at all. awesome.
04:41pmok, grabbed a different powermac (7200 instead of the 8500), and it's booting. but, the only ADB mouse I've found doesn't seem to work.
05:05pma search of the basement turned up no other ADB mice. I was sure I had some, but they're clearly hidden. might have to hit repc tomorrow.

Tags: autopost, twitter
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