Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 11 June

From my Twitter stream:
11:08amSo tired. took me 40min to get out of bed this morning.
04:13pm@rdicker: yeah, mine from yesterday afternoon is partially here too, and all 3 parts of it were 'shipped' within an hour, incl third-party.
04:14pm... of course, now I have to carry this big amazon box on the bus. ::P
06:50pm@opacity hi there! We're at outback. Just saw you in Nearby list.
08:16pmDamnit. Al mtt.* domains are taken, half squatted, except .ws which is $495.
08:16pmer, 'all'.
08:45pmmost of telepath.* seems to be squatted, and what isn't tends to 404.
08:48pmI don't think I'm presently willing to pay $9 for and .info is dumb ($3).
09:54pm@scottru: remembering my old ringtone? ::)
09:58pm@scottru: also, I got yet another contact about whitepages today, via kgoldov. it's getting kinda silly. ;;)

Tags: autopost, twitter
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