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Martin Tithonium

Sunday, I woke up a bit after 7. First in the house. Mucked around online, played some xbox, then around 1130 or so loree and dana were awake enough to go to brunch. We went to Alki, of course. Then loree and I went to look at open houses, then to fry's.

There's a new house a block away from us. 3500 sqft, 2 months old, central vac, 3car garage, security system, intercoms, two floors, sound views, nice landscaping... Really nice. $600k? There abouts.

Then there was the 5000sqft on caphill. $900k, three floors plus basement, not much lawn, nowhere to put the hot tub except on top of the garage. but really very nice. Good location too. It'd be great for two or three couples.

Then there was the ex-garage for the giant grey tudor on aloha. The garage lot was separated in the 80s, and turned into a house. The location is wonderful, the yard is PERFECT - has a great place for a hot tub.. with a hot tub already in it - but the house is about half as big as we'd need. Loree commented that, if she decided to leave me, it'd be perfect.
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