Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Today I made corn.

We bought 8 ears at Tony's yesterday, put six of them into saltwater in a pot in the fridge, and the last two.. I experimented on a bit. We've got this big jar of minced garlic from costco.. I drained the liquid out of it into a tupperware container, added some of the garlic itself, added some salt, put the corn in, and added enough water to top it off. Put the lid on and into the fridge overnight.
Tonight, we grilled them. 58° is a bit chilly for grilling, but I wanted my grilled corn, damnit. One was cooked in-husk, and the other was in partial-husk (you know how, in the store, they pull the husk off one side so you can see the corn? like that) and aluminum foil.

It turned out okay, tho, I think the garlic juice didn't really add anything, and kinda clashed a bit with the dried roasted garlic I sprinkled on the outside.

I'm doing a second round, this time with the regular stuff, fully shucked and wrapped in aluminum foil. We'll compare.

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