Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Today, in no particular order:
* Read
* Made a sandwich
* Installed second video card in arcturus
* Wiped out a week and a half of downloaded apt-mirror results and installed apt-cache
* Upgraded oort from Edgy to Feisty.
* Reinstalled second video card in arcturus, to a better slot (8x instead of 1x)
* Upgraded oort from Feisty to Gutsy.
* Made a salad.
* Stopped using apt-cache because it got 'upgraded', eg replaced with a different version, and didn't work anymore.
* Went to Storables and bought some 10x36 shelving for Arcturus's monitors.
* Upgraded oort from Gutsy to Hardy.
* set up shelving, reinstalled monitors.
* Added old 17" lcd to second video card. Holy CRAP do I have a lot of screen real estate. It'll be even worse when I get the third and fourth 24"'s on there.
* Figured out the problem with apt-cache was internal handling of http keepalives. Disabled them completely.
* Set up all my ubuntu servers to use oort's apt-cache

Does anybody know of a piece of software to do what 'banner' does, only at 90°? I want to give it some text, and a width, and have it draw the text /across/, in smaller characters. Basically, I'm looking for an automated TheDraw to create motd's for my hosts.

edit: I found this
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