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I bought myself a new kilt yesterday before the party. There will be photos of me in it as soon as greg posts them, so be patient.

At 4:45 yesterday, I was about ready to cancel the party. Never has there been so much drama over a single party. At least three separate groups, person(s) A won't attend - or are at least reluctant to attend - if person(s) B do. But, A didn't mention any of this to me before the invitation waas sent out. And unless I've got a really damned good reason, I'm not going to uninvite someone after they've been invited. And so, some of the people I'd've liked to be there weren't, and I went into the final hour of party prep absolutely livid. Fortunately, as the party got rolling, I forgot about all that and proceeded to enjoy myself imensely. Some very nice new people that I was very happy to meet - or in some cases more. Many old friends that we're always thrilled to see. In all, a very good party. Three new LJ friends - hi guys! - who'll hopefully be able to make it to future parties. It was good to (re)meet you, and other things.

As much as cleaning up before and after is a pain, I would like to throw more parties. I think I'll make an annual thing of my amazoniversary, since it gives us something between loree's bday and newyears. Need to have one every couple months, I think... Good incentive to keep the house clean, right?

Speaking of houses, I'll write about today's browing open houses tomorrow. now, some reading, then sleep. Didn't get much last night...
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