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So, to catch up.

Saturday, loree and I went to the seattle home show. Saw many cool things. Euroline doors and windows, the french doors are nice.. one will /tilt/ out to allow ventilation, plus they have built-in multi-point deadbolts - a feature many doors seem to have now. Vinyl fencing.. will solve our grafitti problem. commposite decking material.. our deck is in sad shape.. Wide-board hardwood flooring, very VERY nice...Landscape architects and water features and stonework, oh my.

Gazebos! We found one we really like. 12x16, redwood, metal roof with a skylight, lighting, storage, some decking to go around the tub. The show price was $1100 less than regular price, then the owner cut another $900 and gave us free delivery/install. Plus, we only have to put $1k now to hold the price for 11 months, and we can finance the rest when we call to finish the order. So, a damned good deal. We went for it. Also found a concrete guy i like, to do the pad. Now I just need to collect enough money for him and the electrician, get them talking to each other, and make it all happen. yay!

Also bought a cool fountain with an ultrasonic mister, looks like a bowl of icecubes - you'll see it at the bday party if you attend.

And, for my birthday, loree bought me a soda maker. My family had one of these way back when, and I drink enough soda that it could come in handy. It's basically a device for carbonating water. That, plus soda syrup and you can mix the soda yourself. Saves storage space for all the 2Ls, if nothing else, and it does work out a little cheaper.

Anyway, monday I got sick. I'm still home. Tried to work from home yesterday, wasn't very good at it. Took a sick day today.. it's merely respiratory at this point, but rather unpleasant.

But, I have a stereo that plays MP3s, and a book, and diet pepsi.
Oh, and the drugs. the drugs help too.
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