Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, like I said earlier, I bought a keychain gps. It's just gps and bluetooth, with a usb port for charging. My current phone is my old t-mo MDA, which I've upgraded to a third-party ROM with WM6 and a bunch of useful apps builtin. I've also got gmaps mobile installed, and have been using that with my other bt gps, but that one needs a while to get a fix, and isn't happy unless it's sitting out in the open. This new one, in theory, is supposed to work hanging from my keychain.
I did a quick search for systems to upload my location, and found TrackMe. After trying three times, I managed to get it installed and running (the dependancy on .netCF 3.5 and SQLserver mobile is a recipe for PAIN). But, once it's running, it works quite well. Inside my office, I got no fix, of course, but standing out on the sidewalk in front of the building, it got a fix after 3 or 4 minutes - remember, it originally thought it was in Taiwan - and never lost it after that. I had it hanging from my bag while waiting for loree to pick me up, put it on the dashboard for the drive home, and then put it on my keychain while we went to dinner. Hanging from the steering column, and then sitting in my pocket at Luna Park, it never lost its fix. Even sitting /inside/ the restaurant, it was still reporting 8 or 9 satellites locked. So, that's fairly impressive.
Meanwhile, the software is happily uploading my location to the server. By default, it uses a server run by the author, which he's happy to let you use for free; but he also provides a kit you can install on your own machine. It's just PHP. I went ahead and set it up on my site. As far as WM software goes, I think this is perfect for my needs.

In the longer term, I want to switch away from this phone as quickly as possible. So I'll need to find something equivalent for whatever new phone I get (currently looking at a moto, two samsungs, and a samsung running WM6/smartphone, but what I'd really like is a Moko or even an iphone). And, of course, I still want to get around to building a portable stompbox, and doing all my mobile datacomm thru that instead of thru the phone. I can get faster network connectivity thru not-tmobile for basically what I'm paying them now. I just need to set up a system to let me connect everything thru one device and have that device not be onerous to carry around. When I do that, I'll probably have the GPS connected to it, and let it be responsible for telling the world where I am.

Relatedly, I signed up for an invite to FireEagle. If anybody has one laying around...
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