Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Last week, the web dev leads went over a stripped-down version of the functions that bring data from the database to the front of our website for display. We discussed things we could do differently, better, worse, other, etc.
I decided to throw together a version of my personal vision of "how it should be" for this week's meeting. Which was yesterday. Good thing it was cancelled. I spent yesterday banging my head against mysqli, the newer mysql interface for php, which supposedly supports prepared statements, but won't let me /reuse/ a statement I've prepared and then used. Today I installed PDO and finished the entire thing in between meetings. Just sent it off to the leads to look at.

I'm rather pleased with myself. Still looking up a lot of stuff in the online php manual, 'cause holy wow my vocabulary is rusty, but it's only slowing me down a little bit.

I should now work on the security improvements for deploymotron, or digging into the order database structure and code so I can rip its guts out and perform some alchemy on them...

Instead it's time for ZP.
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