Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

You like parties, don't you?

For anybody who doesn't or can't read loree's post, we've got some stuff left to do:

Tuesday - that's tomorrow: Demolition. The basement 'bathroom' needs its drywall ripped off. We'll try to ensure you don't die of any sort of toxicity. Self-inflicted claw-hammer wounds, we are not responsible for.

Thursday afternoon: The weather is supposed to temporarily desuckify, so we're going to attack the yard. You like weeding, right? Or butchering helpless invasive species? Or working on fences?

Saturday/Sunday: Finishing up with the devastation in the basement, and dealing with whatever's left: mucking out the garage, painting, rearranging the bodies in the crawlspace to make more room (it's getting crowded).. etc.

Let us know if/when you'll make it.
Tags: house, slave labor
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