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* "The proportion of balances to credit limits (high credit) on your revolving/charge accounts is too high"
* "The amount owed on your revolving/charge accounts is too high"

Well, yes. okay.

* "The time since your most recent account opening is very recent"

Ok, I got my capone card a year ago last month. Whatever.

* "You have recently been seeking credit or other services, as reflected by the number of inquiries posted on your credit file in the last 12 months"

Uh. Five. Exactly five. BECU, when I was looking at them for a credit card. CapOne, when I got their credit card. ING, when I set up a /checking/ account with them, because they attach an overdraft credit line to it. And First Mutual, twice: first when they /approved/ the loan for the siding last april, and second when they /denied/ the same loan this february. Oy.

Well, anyway. Since I'm now tangentially on the topic.. Here's what's left of my to-do list for the house appraisal. I'm starting to get antsy about this, 'cause a) I want to get this DONE, NOW, and b) I expect the siding folks are gonna start getting antsy about wanting their money. And I don't want to fall off the painting schedule for this summer.
  • Clean Basement - we still need to finish sweeping up the north half of the basement, and dig the junk out of the little storage space in the northeast corner.
  • Do something about basement bathroom - I still want to just rip the drywall off and say it's "in progress", but /something/ has to be done.
  • Clean deck, powerwash, pry out plastic bits - Just need to buy or borrow a power washer and hose it down, preferably with something to kill the algae hiding in there. And then give somebody a stick and have them pry out the little bits of broken plastic that are wedged between the boards.
  • Mend front fence, back gate, RV gate - a board needs to be replaced in the front fence; the back gate needs the latch fixed again; the rv gate has started to fall apart and needs some structural reconditioning.
  • Tidy up garage - Need to finish picking up the trash (mostly done), pile up the spare wood in a semi-organized way, and haul some computer stuff into the house
  • Touch up plaster/paint - there are a few places around the house that need minor repair work
  • Haul away trash - we'll probably call the junk haulers this week for the first truckload. If we can clear out enough of the space behind the garage, we can get a wood chipper in to take care of the hedge cuttings.
  • Pick up trash in corner of yard - after we fix the front fence, we can pick up the trash that people've been throwing into the yard thru the hole.
  • Mow away remaining ivy - we've cut away all the ivy growing on the side fence, but still need to deal with the stuff growing along the ground next to it.

Not a huge list.
Does anybody:
* have a gas-powered weed whacker? with or without the Serious Cutting Blades attachments (if you have one, but don't have the blades, you might find you suddenly own some after I borrow it)
* have a power washer?
* want to come mend fences? We've got various bits of wood laying about, and a home depot down the hill for anything we don't have on hand.
* want to come carry a few more things out of the basement and - most likely - toss them on the trash pile?
* have a kid with a stick? (stick can be provided)
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