Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

ok, this got random fast.

I'm really tired of being sick.

I'm actually considering going to see my doctor. Well, /a/ doctor, since I'd probably end up going to the internist. My PCP is a rheumatologist, and is frequently booked solid for weeks ahead. But I have an internist I usually see, these days. I don't like him as much, tho. I always come out of meetings with him feeling like I've been some pointless imposition on his time. I mean, Dr P is frequently running behind when I see him, and he's trying to get thru it as quickly as we can, but he still asks how things are going and is generally a /person/ about it. I don't feel rushed, even when we're rushing. Dr C is... not like that.

But, anyway. We're at two weeks since I started feeling sick, and I still haven't been to see the doctor. At first, because, hey, it's just a cold, it'll go away and there's no point wasting the time. And then because, hey, all evidence points to it being viral, which means there isn't a lot they can do about it anyway. Listen to my lungs. Look at my throat. Poke and prod. Yup, it's a virus. Lots of fluids, plenty of vitamin c, lots of rest. Ok, thanks. Been doing that.

But, I dunno. Maybe I should anyway. Something to do besides sitting at home trying to focus on work.

Meanwhile, I'm at home. I was rewoken around 11 something by a weedwhacker outside the window. Now I'm sitting on the couch getting caught up on Spider on the Web and trying to figure out some database sweeper scripts I need to write for someone else's project.
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