Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

There's been this thing lately about people declaring 'email bankruptcy', where they just throw up their hands and say "I can't deal with my inbox", delete everything, and start over. I could never do that.

But, I think I'm declaring social-network bankruptcy.
I've got sixmore, which I really should just shut down, but I just renewed the domain. I never log into it anymore.
I'm on LinkedIn, which still seems somewhat interesting and useful. I find out stuff from it from time to time, at any rate. So, I'll keep that.
I keep getting connection requests via plaxo, and .. I don't /use/ plaxo. I never really did. I just went in and accepted a bunch of pending requests, the added a note saying I don't really use the site and to find me elsewhere. I think maybe I should just delete the account.
I'm not going to join TripIt. I don't travel often enough to bother, even if I was likely to remember to use it when I did.
I'm never - NEVER - going to join myspace.
I have no intention of ever joining facebook. The only reason I might would be for software development reasons, and even then it would have to be pretty damned compelling.
43things was amusing for about 400 seconds.
bluepulse never actually /worked/ or me. I never really used much. Signed up because I had friends working there.
I can't figure out why I have a blurty account. Commenting, maybe?
I refuse to pay to use
I never remember to use dodgeball, and what's the point now with twitter?
Entropia and Second Life bored the crap out of me.
I never used Multiply
I had to delete my orkut account because of spam.

So, yeah. I use LJ, I use LinkedIn, and I use Twitter.
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