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Martin Tithonium

Hell of a night. Dana talked me into joining the Spot, so we can go to the grind without me having to be guested in by someone else. Went to dinner, got to orientation just in time. From there to Denny's, then back for the grind. On the way, loree calls to tell me the garage has been broken into again.

The grind was ok. Lots of painfully cute girls, which I won't bother going into.

Got home. The only thing they got was the mitre saw, which cost RIGHT around our deductable. ::P It sounds like loree got home just in time to stop them taking anything else.

But, in the process of trying to make the main house harder to see into, to hide the valuables as it were, she knocked the second-to-last remaining part of my inheritance from my great-aunt Alice, a large footed bowl that I kept my syringes in, off the table, and it exploded into quite a large number of pieces. I'm... a bit upset about that. More than it really makes sense to be. I tink I'm getting sentimental in my old age.

No nails or screws that I can find to keep the garage door shut, so I fabricated a oose barricade out of two car ramps, a server rack, a seat from a minivan, and the workbench. Hopefully it'll discourage further entry for the night. Tomorrow, I'll go buy some very long screws and put 2x4s over the door.
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