Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Franklin Covey didn't have the multipen I was looking for. Sad.
Went into the kitchen store on my way back to the car. Did not find bacon press.
Did find pepper mill and silicone chopsticks. Overheard possibly offensive conversation. $20s were both checked by cashier. So, poll.

You're in a store, and at least two of the three employees standing around the checkstand are engaged in a conversation. It centers, generally, on transgenderism, its relative acceptance in seattle, sanfran, etc, and ends with one of them commenting on someone they'd seen recently and how the look was unattractive and how it would be - I forget even the approximate phrasing - a generally negative thing when that wasn't considered unattractive.
You go up to the checkout moments later to buy your products, with your trench coat and your purple hair and your several-days-since-last-shave, and you hand over two $20s and a $5. The cashier pulls out the little pen, marks the first $20, holds it up to the light. Futzes with the register a bit. Marks the second $20. Futzes with the register more while glancing occasionally at the money, making it seem as if she's waiting for it to change color or something. At this point do you...

Poll #1152100 At this point, do you...

At this point do you...

Complete the transaction, take your change, and leave the store
Take the money back, say "That, on top of the conversation earlier, leaves me thinking I can buy these items elsewhere. Good day.", and leave the store.
Take the money back, say nothing, and leave the store.
Other (comment)

I went with the first choice, and am kinda regretting it. At this point I think I'd've been happier with the second. Tho, I suspect, ogremarco will be happier I didn't.
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