Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So.. Tired...

I'm sure you've seen loree's summary of yesterday. Today was the backyard and basement. After breakfast, loree started doing laundry and making room in the basement, while I started finding empty boxes and such. opacity came by and worked on the yard, clearing out all the crap under the deck. drakemonger came and hauled stuff up from the basement. Both then had to leave, and I worked on cleaning and sorting the stuff that had been brought up. Then niac, maida_mac, and children showed up, and more stuff was brought up, cleaned, etc. All the boxes and equipment were hauled up and reorganized, except a few large items that were merely cleaned in place. Then everything went back down. Everything's been consolidated into fewer boxes, fewer shelves, and less volume generally. In short, massive win both in cleaning and organization.

Half the basement still needs to be shopvaced, a corner still needs to be cleaned out, and maybe some stuff needs to be hauled out for disposal.
We need to get a woodchipper some time in the next week or so to dispose of yesterday's work. We need to figure out what spots need spackling and/or painting, and make sure we've got the right paints.
We need to find a powerwasher for the deck. Fix the fence and gates. Haul some stuff to the transfer station, and get a big truck to haul the trash away. Tidy up the garage a bit more, put tools away and such. Maybe do something about the front porch.

But for now, we're both exceptionally sore, exceptionally tired, and generally cranky. I think it is time for bed.
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