Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

No, really, you should be reading tithon_greader and tithon_twitter. cyborgfolly and tithon_tumblr are basically dead, you can ignore them. But the first two are good. No, really.

See, I share out 'interesting' items from google reader. That's tithon_greader. If I put it there, it's because I think you should read it. Either it's cool or it's interesting or it's horrifying or it's .. something. I don't just spew shit out there, k? I'm subscribed to 145 feeds in google reader, I get over 500 new posts per day, and I tend to read it in fits and starts (that may be the first time I've used that phrase in my entire life), and share out maybe a dozen for every thousand I read. So, it's really the wheat, got it?

And then, if you want a complete picture of what's going on in the Martiverse, you need to read tithon_twitter. I go long periods without posting to it, just like I do LJ sometimes. But I've been using it a lot more recently. I've got Twitterific running on all three of my daily machines (Arcturus, Sedna, and Dobropan) and have been posting random little snippets. I find it occasionally interesting to try to fit what I'm trying to say into 140 characters. I usually don't like to spread across two posts, so I'll go back and rephrase. I refuse to use l33t or most abbreviations. But anyway. I've been talking about how my project at work is going, and how my project at home is going, and about my progress getting google reader to make my eyeballs explode from their sockets. Probably not /interesting/, per se, but like I said: if you want a complete picture, you gotta watch the whole show.

(I've considered one of those collect-twitter-posts-and-post-the-digest-to-blog tools, but.. eh.)
Tags: administrivia, blogs
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