Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Computers suck...

... but the people who write software for computer peripherals suck WAY more.

I bought an Ideazon Fang at fry's on friday. After the problems with ArcturusXP, I was finally able to play with it today. The ZEngine software that you use to configure it? That you use to define macros for the buttons? Can't emulate a mouseclick.

Which means that if I want to create a macro for TF2 that selects 'weapon' 4 (construction, for an engineer), 'fires' to engage it, and selects 1 (build a sentry gun), then the only way to /do/ that would be to define 'fire' as a keystroke, instead of a mouse click. Um, no, I really like having left click as fire, thanks. Ok, it could be argued that TF2 should let you define multiple keys for the same action, but no, I'm sorry, my Nostromo n52 is QUITE happy to emulate mouse clicks, and I've GOT such a macro defined on it. I just want to switch away from the n52 because the keys stick, always have, and it's thus insufficiently responsive when doing battle.

The software for configuring both is annoying. The interfaces are horrifyingly bad. But the Nostromo's is better.

So, $35 wasted.

I'm enjoying the sidewinder, even if it doesn't ACTUALLY come with software that lets you define macros, like it says it does.

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