Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

#30 is now properly crowned. Took two hours, due to the reshaping that needed to be done to fit the crown to the post-rootcanal stub.

And in the process of getting it adjusted, I ground too hard and chipped a piece off the opposing pre-molar (#4). That was my very favorite sharp point in my mouth, too. Now it's.. not sharp anymore. The dentist polished it down a bit so it wouldn't be all nasty.

Apparently all I have left to get done, in terms of Real Work, is a night guard, so I won't destroy any more teeth with my constant grinding. I proposed, while we were seating the crown, that given how much stronger the crowns were, it would really just be optimal to crown /all/ my molars, so we don't have this strong vs weak problem anymore. We note that this would cost a lot of money. Dentist points out that he doesn't want to be the kind of dentist that's pushing his clients to get unnecessary things done, so the assistant and I start making fun of him for all the money he's missing out on.

Oh, and I got the specs on the composition of the metal part of the crown. 62% gold, some silver, some paladium. I'll dig the list out later.
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