Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Yes, indeed, I do need to have a root canal.
However, they didn't have time in the schedule today to actually /do/ the full procedure. They could have done part of it, which would at least stop the pain for now, and then finish it later, but since the pain is being managed more-or-less successfully, and I'm not keen on going thru the whole process of anesthetic and such twice if I don't have to, we decided to do it in a single block. So, I'm scheduled to go in on monday, the 28th, at noon.

They do offer nitrous, and have put me down for that. They also offer Halcion, but I'd need to have someone to drive me. Given the scheduling, I don't think that's terribly likely; and I doubt it's particularly necessary.

I'm going to eat some lunch, and figure out whether I should bother to go into the office or just work from here.
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