Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I just found the.. scrapbook, for lack of a better term.. that my great aunt kept for me.

It's got the card with my social security number on it. The /original/ card. With an address on it that I don't remember living at, it's that old.

It's got a piece of paper, to which are taped ration stamps and tokens from the war, with a note on it saying "Don't lose these. It's the only one for sugar I had. I'll bet no other 3'rd grader has any of these."

It's got my TIP-program SAT scores (I'm not going to tell you what they were)

Let's see... what else.. Ident-a-kid form with my finger prints and blood type (B-, apparently), which would be from grade school.

Also in this the folder with this stuff is paper mail from Martech Software with my regcodes for Trade Wars 2002; the contact list from tier-2 and tier-3 space camps, thermal-printer microfiche printouts of cosmology articles from the early 90s; a two-page get-well note on notepad from "Senior High School Ministries \n Eastminster Presbyterian Church", from my school-friend Jack, from when I was in hospital going onto insulin; comics drawn by both Jack and Chad, of Mr Johanson (7th grade science) torturing students with can de graf generators and such; a piece of graph paper on which I apparently re-invented advanced fort/castle design from the late middle ages from first principles

Next folder... class schedule from highschool. class schedule from college. admission acceptance for college. color proof of hs graduation photo. selective service address correction form. application form for the colorado school of mines. That's mines, not mimes. Letter from Cornell College, following up on the Preview Day dad and I went to. Lab results, dated 11-22-95: cholesterol 214, triglycerides: 130, TSH: 1.58. No A1C, due to lab error. A very large number of report cards from the late 80s and early 90s.
Ah, here are my SAT scores from march 94, as well as my ACTs from april, and a WISC-R from.. uhh.. age 10-11, grade 5. 620, 700, 32, 139, if you care. 10 years, 11 months, 25 days, it looks like, tho the notations on this wisc-r form are odd.

Next folder.. Mail. Old mail. All mail these days goes into storage bins. Except junk mail, of course. I'm going to toss some names out here and see if anybody comes by via google:
* Diane Pham of texas
* Sonnet Jonker of oregon
* Janis Oakes Sullivan of california
* Ellen Dillon of Michigan
* Nina Le of Kansas
(if you do, mail me, k?)

OH MY GOD. Must burn these.. photos, included in a graduation card from my HS ELP teacher. She hasn't replied to the email I sent before my last trip to Kansas. I should try calling some time.

I appear to have a poster from what I will assume is the last SeattleBash, signed by mooers in crayon.

other folders, random crap...
last folder, various mail.. including a postcard, from amazon strategic growth, saying "we're reviewing your resume", addressed to me back in kansas, regarding the resume I sent them before moving out here.
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