Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

In other news, remember that iPaq H3800 I picked up at Boeing Surplus? I was finally able to successfully order a battery that actually shipped for it. It arrived yesterday. Today I installed Familiar on it.
I had grabbed the wifi cf card out of Dr Zaius on my way out this morning. Plugging that into the ipaq when it was running wince left it going "huh?". Under linux, it's all "Oh, yes. Would you like me to activate this card automagically whenever you plug it in? Ok. Let's get that connected then, shall we?". Painless. I think I'll need to pick up a wifi sdio card, tho, as the cf card is annoyingly bulky. Or see if anybody's got any wifi sleeves with cf slots.

Actually, what I think I want to do with the thing is to install it in Joshua. Wire it up to the car so that it turns on when the car does, goes to sleep when the car turns off, charges off the car power.. connect it to a gps, wifi (for wardriving) and eventually 3g data. I wonder what mapping system to use.

Oh, and it's name is Zao, after Amor 5751 Zao.

edit: Aw man. I was just reading some networking wiki stuff on familiar.. they say that sdio wifi/bt modules aren't supported. damnit. Of course, that may be out of date, but I doubt it.
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