Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

The past 106 weeks of my procmail logs, which includes the 2.25 weeks since I turned on greylisting:
   6144  1% (  8.2/d, 1/2.91h )  Inbox (self)
  31946  9% ( 42.9/d, 1/33.6m )  Inbox
 306345 88% (411.3/d, 1/3.5m  )  Spam
 346042     (464.6/d, 1/3.1m  )  Total in 106.40w

The past 2.25 weeks, only since I turned on greylisting:
    265 17% ( 16.8/d, 1/1.43h )  Inbox (self)
    585 38% ( 37.1/d, 1/38.8m )  Spam
    651 43% ( 41.3/d, 1/34.8m )  Inbox
   1511     ( 95.9/d, 1/15.0m )  Total in 2.25w

Just greylisting. And, again, 'Spam' only reflects things that are actually /caught/ by my spam filters (spamassassin and my own baysean system; if either says spam, it goes to Spam), and 'Inbox' will reflect things that made it thru. Very rarely are there false positives (some dealnews stuff was being caught, some itunes stuff gets caught once in a while, tho some itunes stuff I /do/ consider spam, so it's an understandable mistake). False negatives happen at a rate of two or three per day on average. Maybe one or two per day since greylisting.

loree, meanwhile, reports a massive decrease in incoming spam. "Two to three per day, maximum", without any extra filtering, which is interesting when you compare to what I'm still receiving /with/ spam filtering.

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