Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

(not) very briefly...

* went to dentist tuesday. had a small cavity filled on rearmost right lower molar (#31), and then had most of #30 destroyed to prep it for a crown. Temp crown is in place. Jaw hurts. Tooth hurts when pressure applied. Will give it another couple days before I worry about that. Interestingly, the dentist called me yesterday to see how I was doing. I don't remember him doing that when we crowned #14, which of course made me a little paranoid ("why is he calling? is he worried about something he's not telling me?"), but whatever.
* No, my wisdom teeth aren't in. IIRC, I don't even have them on the lower jaw; the uppers have bone covering them apparently and will eventually need to be removed surgically.
* still kinda phlegmy from the respiratory infection, but not really feeling sick.
* do not combine nyquil, codeine cough syrup, and percocet at bedtime. Unless you want to sleep until noon the next day.
* I didn't /want/ to, but I did. Ended up working from home yesterday. Usual productivity loss there. Sigh.
* But, after work stuff, I spent time working on the sightseer rewrite, and actually got some progress made.
* I'm getting frustrated with Leopard. I had to forcibly power off Arcturus again today, because it could neither start nor stop applications, and thus wouldn't shut down cleanly. And Algol frequently freezes for several seconds while playing things in iTunes, despite being a core duo and not having anything significant running. I might have to turn /off/ the backup system, since that seems to be one of the culprits, but most of the time nothing shows up as taking any meaningful cpu time other than iTunes.
* ADP wants the receipt for my dental work, to document the FSA expenditure. Understandable, considering it was $700 and change.
* I seem to be depressed and angsty about.. nothing in particular. at least nothing identifiable. very annoying. must just be that time of brain.
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