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Martin Tithonium

Deanna, like so many before her, said it well: "Communication... it's like walking a tightrope". I agree with a lot of that entry, hon. A lot.

Except, of course, when you're poly, the term 'available' suddenly gets a lot more complicated. ::)

I've decided - well, ok, decided /again/ - that I'm just really not cut out for this whole interacting-with-humans thing... Why am I inviting so many to my house, again?

I suppose 'cause it's easier to deal with them en-mass than individually. Parties are simple, shallow afairs. And while there's almost always something at each party to leave me confused and wondering, ... I was going to have an 'at least' clause here, but I can't think of anything to counter that. Maybe that's my problem; too many parties, too many open questions, and not enough guts to find answers.

Oooookay. That's enough 2am journalling, I think. Bed, sleep, and hopefully less angst and introspection tomorrow.
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