Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Drifting out of touch again, sorry about that.
Stuff happens, ya know? And then I forget. L, R, R.

Last week was spent writing reviews, a process I hate. It's difficult and depressing and dredged up all sorts of bitterness over last year. This week, I'm on call and it's already going badly.

Outside that, spending more time than normal - which is already way too much - wanting things I can't have (or, worse, can't get myself to try to obtain). And the angst that comes along with that.

People change, people stay the same. I change, I stay the same. A word here has me wavering in my commitment to an decision, tho I know it wasn't heartfelt and if I actually backed down from that decision I'd be doing it for nothing (or opening myself up for all /kinds/ of drama, which isn't exactly better). A word there has me questioning the nature of an entire relationship. Nth-hand information coming in from that direction has me annoyed and defensive.
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