Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Went to Chelan. Was eventually joined by ladyallyn. Mmm, french toast.

Went to Pac Place.
Went to William Sonoma. Did not buy anything.
Went to Crane & Co. Got the ink I needed for both pens. Turns out the one from canada just uses a standard pen module from a multipen. Awesome. Paid in dollar coins.
Went to Restoration Hardware. Bought goggles. Resisted the urge to wear them as I walked to westlake, as I wouldn't have been able to wear my glasses. Woulda kept my eyes warm tho...
Stopped at tmobile store (thanks evildave). Eligible for partial discount in january, full in november. Nothing I can't live without tho. Waiting for Open Moko is.
Went to City Kitchens. Nothing. They don't seem to have the Porche 301 knives anymore, tho I didn't actually ask, and they didn't have any large metal basins appropriate for freezing things in LN2 in.

Went to lush. Grabbed the shower jelly I wanted, went to checkout. Cute girl asks if I knew about their sale. No. Buy one soap, get two free. Buy things in bottles that were bottled before december, get one free. Hm. Ok. Shop around.
In the end, instead of buying ONE $15 item, I bought the following:
  • One chunk of Honey, I Washed the Kids, $17.01
  • One chunk of Cocktail Guest soap, $13.60, free.
  • One tray of Party On Jelly, $15.23, free.
  • Two jars of Skin's Sangri La, $44.95 each.
  • Two large containers of Ocean Salt, $31.95 each, free.
  • One bottle of Happy Hippy shower gel, price unknown as I think she forgot to ring it up, which is sad because it's the one I way paying for.
  • One jar of Goth Juice, $14.95, free.

Total value was something like $230, total paid with tax was $116. Whee. I ponder going back to pay for the shower gel. Yes, I like them THAT MUCH.

Then back to the car. Pay for parking. Leave. Call loree to try to decide if I want to go to Pike Place and the spice stores. Decided not to. Wasn't hungry enough to go to lunch yet. Went to Byrne. Got 20L of LN2. Came home.

Am now sitting, typing this, and drinking soda. Was getting decaffeinated. I think if I head south, I will be hungry soon. I can either hit alphatronics on the way down or the way back, depending how soon soon is. Then back north, and I can decide whether or not to go up to the spice store. I don't think I will, since there isn't anything I actually /need/ right now, and I don't have room for all the things I /want/. Maybe I'll stop at some more kitchen stores and try to find a really big heavy non-layered non-clad non-nonstick pot. Ooh, I bet that one on first (or is if fourth?) in sodo will have what I need.
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