Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Take one step forward, then get in the car and drive backward for a mile or three

While waiting for Algol to upgrade to Leopard, I got adventurous and tried to get Arcturus-XP running under Parallels again.
It worked. More or less. Had some issues, and it wants to reactivate of course, but it ran.
Ok, now the moment of truth.. reboot into windows.

No go. Error loading operating system. AWESOME.
Power off. Power on. Repeat.
And, because the xp drive is defined as the boot drive, it won't listen when I hold down option, so I can't get it to boot into mac.
Repeat. Repeat.
Dig out external optical drive to put the OSX disc in, and try to boot off that.
OSX disc is ignored, and windows boots properly. WTF?
But, it runs. and doesn't demand reactivation.
Boot back into OSX.
Bluetooth is gone. Again.
Shutdown. Unplug. Replug. Power on.
No bluetooth.
Shut down. Unplug again. Go check on Algol.
Get some soda.
Talk to loree.
Come back upstairs, reapply power, power on.
Bluetooth is back.
I haven't tried ArcXP under Parallels again yet, but probably will.
And it will work.
You know why it will work? Because if it works, that means both modes work, and I can reactivate it, and all will be well and I can use it in both modes.
So it'll work. And I'll activate.


Because computers hate me.
Tags: computers suck
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