Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

ok. immediate crisis averted. I've drained enough for the moment. I can see no reason for the sump pump to have failed, besides "it's a rusted out hunk of crap", but that seems good enough. There's a nice river behind the washer/driver that's dammed up and continues to trickle into the floor drain. Meanwhile, water continues to pour (yes, I'd have to call it pouring) in through the cracks in the foundation. I wonder how effective spraying on a thick coat of epoxy or some clear-coating plasticy material might help. When it's dry, of course, kinda useless /now/.

Entering stage two: despair. Gods only know how we'll ever be able to afford to redo the foundation. Gods only know how we could ever get an appraisal high enough to refi such that we might possibly have a chance of pulling enough equity to even refit what foundation we /have/, much less replace it how we want.
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